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  • July 2018Golf Day at Kingswood Golf Club

  • July 2018An Evening With Christopher Hayman of Hayman's Gin

  • July 2018Chipstead Flower Show

  • June 2018Chipstead Village Preservation Society

  • May 2018Grand Opening

Our Story

About 10 years ago a very short man by the name of Steven Bishop crossed paths with a very tall man named Thomas Johnson.
Despite being worlds apart in height, they did share something in common, an obsession with wine.
After sharing many glasses and bottles of wine, they decided to pursue a dream that they had both shared from a very young age. Opening their own wine shop.
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Are you a budding wine drinker that fancies learning a thing or two about the wine?
Or maybe you couldn't care less about where it comes from but like the taste and the way it makes you feel?
Come on down to one of our wine tasting events.
Everyone is welcome!
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