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Thomas launched The Grape Variety in Spring 2018 with the idea that a wine shop could cater to the needs of not just the expert-tippler, but a wine-newbie too and everyone in between. He wanted to create a warm, relaxed atmosphere for locals to come and unwind at the end of the day with a glass (or three) but also where people could come for informed, friendly advice about what wine to buy to take home. The bar was a huge success, and two years later we opened up a second wine shop in Walton-on-the-hill.

At the heart of what we do is great tasting wine at great value prices. Sure, we have some fine wines that might not be for everyone’s wallet, but we also have some smashing bottles under £10 that you can’t buy in the supermarket. We regularly update our collection with new and exciting wines for you to try, with a focus on small scale producers who care about the environment and the quality of their produce. We list a large selection of organic, biodynamic, natural and vegan wines and our aim is to bring you affordable wine without compromising on quality or taste, and we taste our wine as often as we can!

We are here to take the stuffiness out of buying wine, and with our in-store experts, Matt & Michael, you will always walk away with a decent bottle of wine in your hand, a little more knowledge in your head, and hopefully a returning visit in your feet! Our goal is to help bring wine to life for you.

As well as being a wine shop, our Chipstead location hosts fine dining events, quiz nights, wine tastings and pizza evenings with local suppliers. We offer a party planning service as well as a wine tasting for weddings.

During the 2020 lockdown, our wine subscription boxes took off (who wouldn’t want wine delivered to their door?). These start at £29.99 for 3 bottles a month but can be upgraded to 6 or 12 bottles a month.

And finally, for those interested we also offer a Private Cellaring service for those looking to invest in fine wines and whiskies. The Grape Variety consultants guide you through each step of the process and with years of expertise in their back pockets, they’ll ensure it’s a smooth journey for you.

If you haven’t already come down to say hello, we hope to meet you soon.

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